Organising a Successful Event in the Time of Covid-19

Highland events and games have been part of Scotland’s culture for many years. These events are still as common as they used to be back when the clan system ruled the land. These events are crucial for the Scottish as they are a source of pride and inspire community spirit.

The Scottish have a rich culture that comes to life during such events. If you are looking forward to attending such a gathering this year, remember we live in unprecedented times because of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, fret not; this article is all about reminding you about your safety and how to protect yourself while taking part in such events.

Social Distance

This may sound like a broken record because of the many times you might have come across these two words, but whatever you do during the event, remember to keep a safe distance from other guests. Most eventgoers know this requirement, but the event organiser should also clearly indicate the minimum physical distance between guests.

Crowd Density

We all looked forward to attending our favourite events, most of which was cancelled last year. While the government and the health authorities have put measures in place for social gatherings, your safety starts with you. You might want to get details on the expected number of people at the event and decide if you wish to be part of that crowd or not.

Personal Protective Gear

Before the pandemic, your biggest concern was probably picking the right outfit for the event, but things have changed now. Your biggest concern now should be your health and safety. Remember to carry your protective mask and keep it on throughout the event.

Final Word

Always follow your gut feeling; if you feel attending a social gathering might expose you or your loved ones to contracting coronavirus, it is not worth going. Your health comes first, don’t risk it for a few minutes of fun. These events will always be there, and you can participate when everything feels right. Staying home and avoiding unnecessary gatherings is the safest way to protect yourself and your family from getting the virus.