Promoting your clan event on social media

Planning an event in the middle of a pandemic can be hectic and quite challenging. Eventgoers are now more than ever cautious about their health and safety. Every organiser must ensure that such concerns are taken care of.

One of the crucial tasks every event organiser must undertake when planning during this period is stating what safety measures, they have put in place right from the registration stage until the end of the event.

With the industry already feeling the pinch of the many cancelled events last year, marketing your upcoming event might need more effort and resources, and this is where your social media skills come in handy. Let us have a look at a few essential pointers to make your social media promotion a success.

Pick your networks

Choosing the right social media channel matters a lot, and it depends on the audience you are targeting with your event. The excellent aspect of social media is its versatility; different channels will offer different results. Do your research and pick the best for marketing your event. If you are targeting participants who love casino-themed events, partner with sites such as mFortune to ensure your guests’ needs are met by offering them great sign-up bonuses.

Create your event’s hashtags

Create a unique hashtag for your event and use it on all the social media platforms for easier tracking and visibility. The hashtag can actually be used before, during, and after the event. This will also ensure engagement from targeted participants.

Update your social media profiles

Your social media handles can either fail you or deliver the results you are looking for. Give them an upgrade to reflect on the event’s spirit and overall goal. This can be as simple as updating your profile photo with a relevant one that speaks to the event’s agenda.